Ney & Partners design structures. An active vision of civil engineering that integrates different disciplinesis what motivates us.

Every project is unique, the way we work universal. It all begins with asking the right questions. The exact form, the precise geometry, the choice of materials and the inclusion of the boundary conditions are re-evaluated for each project. These elements form the beginning of a quest for efficient solutions, in which each individual element provides the answer to multiple problems.

At Ney & Partners, the foundation of a successful project is the synthesis of all contextual elements. We do not view the boundary conditions, such as space and budget restrictions, as obstacles but as fuel for our creativity. This is how we reach solutions that carefully take into account all of the requirements … but with playful eyes. Our motto is ‘high engineering’ instead of ‘high tech’: in other words, effective engineering that adds value by eliminating the non-essential.

The distinctive methodology and design cultureof Ney & Partners has grown out of the experience gained during individual assignments. We have thrown the traditional engineering hierarchy of accumulated solutions overboard. Likewise, the existing typology of bridges and structures has also been abandoned, allowing the context to shape a specific and new design.

Our organisation reflects this vision. We have a global presence and our engineers, architects and designers have diverse, international backgrounds.
Our team embodies a wealth of different insights, coupled with a vast amount of adaptability and empathy. We combine different types of mutually reinforcing expertise. The knowledge gained in the design of bridges and special structures is utilised in the stability of buildings, and vice versa. The scale of the detailed building designs is then converted back into details for constructions such as parapets, lighting and seating. Design and product development belong equally to our domain.

Using our knowledge, experience and vision we create designs with a unique identity, in a design language that feels natural and both intrigues and inspires. The innovative supporting structures, footbridges, bridges, canopies and constructions that we develop are all examples of this.

In our partnership with clients, architects, engineers and artists we strive towards the integration of context, design, structure and philosophy.
As a result, Ney & Partners arrive at integrated solutions and integral constructions. Our innovative structures bear witness to our pioneering spirit and ingenuity. Giving form to physical forces and integrating structures regardless of scale: these are the starting points for designs that transcend passing fashions and will continue to inspire future generations.