Addressing the structural challenges of your projects from the first drafts

Ensure the structural feasibility of the project and the choice of materials to prepare the application for planning permission

Optimization of the structure and establishment of the documents of the tender dossier to launch the call for tenders

Assistance for the selection of the general contractor and follow-up of the execution of the main works

In the context of:
– preventive monitoring and maintenance of your housing stock (housing, office, warehouse, industry, etc.)
– healing after the finding of disorder in an existing structure,
– a project of reallocation, transformation, extension, enhancement,
We carry out the inspection of the infrastructures, the analysis of the condition of the frameworks, the identification of the disorders (cracks, deformations, attacks of insects or fungi, etc.), verification of the stability against current and projected stresses, Design and dimensioning of repair and reinforcement solutions.

You are an innovative company and you would like to develop a new product, a constructive system, a specific assembly, etc.
Respecting your intellectual property and the confidentiality of your developments we assist you throughout the process of design, optimization, performance analysis in relation to existing solutions, prototyping, test campaigns, analysis of results , Validation, IPR protection and certification.