Quality Policy ISO 9001:2008

Ney & Partners considers quality as an attitude aimed at permanently in all processes and all functions within the agency. This testifies the ISO Certificate.

As organization our agency is committed to meet international standard of quality management requirements. The goal is to assure following requirements:
– To convince clients that the agency has the competences to suit their requirements
– To improve the working methods of the agency by reducing errors and bad communication
– To optimize the relationships between the various parties and to improve the working relationships, intensify actions aimed to prevent the risks resulting from non-compliance.

The quality policy, tailored in our agency, was drawn up on the basis of the principles and objectives of each chapter out of the norm ISO 9001: 2008. This describes the operational processes and procedures in the agency to which all employees contribute. To monitor this a quality manager was appointed.

At the start of each commission a quality plan is established to map out the requirements and possible problems and to set a definite goal. Each project follows a clearly defined process of competition, preliminary design, to project, to construction, to as-built.

Clear working methods, instructions and templates are used for each commission to assure an efficient and uniform treatment, to obtain a traceability of all data and to ensure the results. At the end of each commission a debriefing is organized and we ask the client to fill in a satisfaction survey.

To ensure the continuous improvement we organize internal audits on a regular basis and we ask to our employees to report irregularities.
Each year an evaluation carried out by an independent ISO control-organism is executed. Based on the internal audits of our system a Committee of the quality certification decides, after analyzing our performance and the quality management, to grant or not the attestation.

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